Join Us

General guidelines for getting involved are below.

Postdoc at RESL
If you are interested in doing a postdoc at RESL, send a single PDF file containing a recent CV, list of papers, and the names of two referees to Prof. Gaurav Sukhatme.

If you are interested in doing your PhD at RESL, apply to the USC PhD program, and indicate that you are interested in working with Prof. Sukhatme.

Bachelors or Masters students at USC
If you are a merit scholar, please check the database for latest projects, and follow those instructions.

If there are specific openings listed above, please follow application instructions as per the posting.

If no postings are listed above and you are interested in helping with / doing research at RESL, please complete this form. We will get in touch if we have any suitable projects.

In general, it helps if you know…

and have experience…

  • programming in C++ and/or Python
  • using Linux (Ubuntu preferred)